The Dutch manufacturing industry, despite strong international competition, remains at the forefront in sectors such as offshore, dredging, (mechanical) engineering, electronics and chemicals. Innovation power and automation are driving forces behind this success.

The Clairfield Netherlands industry sector specialists focus predominantly on mid- market enterprises while keeping a close eye on international markets and developments. We combine our in-depth expertise with the opportunities that arise around us. Through our personal networks as well as our worldwide Clairfield experts network, we offer access to specific knowledge and intelligence, buyers, sellers and investors.

Clairfield’s industrial sector team advises buy-side clients on their approach to acquisition targets active in the industrial sector without the risk of an auction process, and guides sell-side clients through sales processes designed to maximize value.

Clairfield has contacts to management at the major global players in industry and solid inroads to local market players through our industry advisors. Our team members have been actively involved in advising on many M&A transactions in the midcap segment (including carve-outs, MBOs, MBIs and successor solutions).

With industrial experts located around the world, Clairfield understands your business and is perfectly positioned to make the right connections on your behalf in local markets around the globe.

We focus on the following segments:

  • Agritech
  • Construction and Building products
  • Packaging
  • Electrical, electronic equipment and components
  • Automotive, Aerospace and Marine


Damman Nordbeck | partner | Vondel Finance

Damman Nordbeck
+31 (0) 6 1438 5059

Daan Haeck | partner | Vondel Finance

Daan Haeck
+31 (0) 6 1130 5768

Chris Gregory
Clairfield United Kingdom
+44 121 234 6070

Dirk Freiland
Clairfield Germany
+49 711 620079-0

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